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We Show and Sell the Best Homes

It’s in our best interest to look out for your best interest!

The Jacobs Group caters to buying and selling commercial and residential properties, lots, new construction, and anything else you can name–while also offering full-service broker services.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high dose of honesty and reassurance because we know real estate can be a tough process that isn’t all puppy dogs and ice cream. Expect us to be upfront about your budget, your needs, and anything else involved in the process, and we will find exactly what you’re looking for.

Other Services Include:

  • Lending
  • Grants
  • Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Remediation
  • Target Marketing
  • Negotiations
  • Comps
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Appraisals
  • Walk-throughs
  • Staging
  • Home Searches
  • Home previews


You will receive full competence, respect, and open communication from us as your buying agent. We act as your advocate, ensuring confidence while finding you the best deal possible.


When listing your home with us, your home will be competitively priced and market-ready, while keeping your best interest in mind when seeking out a buyer for your home.

1st Time Buyers

We do all the heavy lifting. As experts in real estate, we guide you through the entire time-consuming and sometimes unclear process—a true relief for those new to the world of real estate.


We strive to make your life easier, referring to proactive and helpful information throughout the process–making the transition to a new area as effortless as possible.